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Welcome to BIBUS METALS Group!

We are stockholder and distributor for semi-finished products in nickel-based alloys, titanium, titanium alloys, zirconium, and tantalum. Right from the start, we built and expanded warehouses for large stocks of rods, bars, sheets, plates, tubes, pipes, wire, strip and welding material. Additionally, we can provide centrifugal products in different qualities and in the Czech Repbulic and Romania we have JURIDĀ® Brakepads in the portfolio.

Our products are used in virtually every industry, worldwide: aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, chemical and process industries, electrical resistance heating, marine engineering, oil and gas extraction industries, petrochemical processing, pollution control and waste processing, power generation, thermal processing and heat treatment, welding. For further information please watch the video below.

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BIBUS worldwide

Worldwide precense of BIBUS

BIBUS METALS AG (Headquarters)

Allmendstrasse 26
8320 Fehraltorf / Schweiz

Tel. + 41 44 877 54 11
Fax + 41 44 877 54 19
E-Mail: info@bibusmetals.ch
Internet: www.bibusmetals.ch

ISO 9001 + EN ISO 13485